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In an era when it's getting harder to find a quality belt that is made in the USA, we build each belt to order, custom fitted for you, in your choice of leather and hardware.  Much like our briefcases, our belts offer a rare combination of durability and refinement.  This is a belt that will last for many years and age gracefully.

All belts are two layers, glued and stitched back to back, with the lining made from an extremely strong pure veg-tan leather that we hand wax. Other special touches include; hand stained edges, a double stitched rolled-edge keeper and the highest quality buckles and hardware in four finishes, all made from solid brass.

Current lead time for belt orders is approximately 6-8 weeks.


Select from the following options:

Leather Choices: Horween CXL, Horween Dublin or Big Grain Bison
Stitch Color - Matching, Contrast, or another color
Belt Width - 1.25" or 1.5"
Hardware Finish - Nickel, Brass, Antique Nickel, Antique Brass, Black PVD
Buckle Attachment - Stitched-In or  Removable Buckle

Any Premium Leather 1.25" Wide  - $179
Any Premium Leather 1.5" Wide  - $199


Sizing: It's really simple to accurately determine your size.  We just need you to take what we call an "A Measurement."  Follow these instructions to measure one of your existing belts.   Please do this carefully because it will determine how well your belt fits. 

"Measurement A" is from where the belt attaches to the buckle (do not include the buckle) to the hole you use most often on one of your current belts.  This is your actual waist size and will typically be about 2" more than the pants size you buy.

"Measurement B" is the total length of the belt (again, do not include the buckle).  Subtracting "A" from "B" gives you the "tail" length or the number of inches from the hole used to the end of the belt.  You normally want a tail of 6 to 7 inches.  We don't actually need this measurement as it can be determined by adding 6 to 7 inches to the "A" measurement, but sometimes it's useful to see what you are used to with your existing belts.

Want to order a belt?  Email or Call and we can help put together your order. 
You can also fill out our
Custom Belt Order Form if you know what you want.


 Belt Leather Samples

These leather swatches will give you a general idea of what each leather looks like, but remember that there will always be variation.  To get a better idea, look around our site at some of our other products that are made from these same leathers. 




Buckle Finishes

All of our buckles are solid-brass base metal
with high quality plating and finishing

Above: Black PVD buckle

Other Belt Pages:  Belt Examples    Belt Order Form

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