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Classic Briefcase in Horween Marbled Tan Shell Cordovan - $9000 Available Now

It only took us about seven years to figure out a way to make our first full-size Classic briefcase out of Shell Cordovan.  Over that time we have had many inquiries from people asking if we could build one and for a variety of reasons, the answer has always been "sorry but, no". The biggest problem was that we refused to build a case with pieced-together panels. I only want to build shell items from single whole pieces but, unfortunately, that requires the largest shells in the world that also have to have good uniformity. 

Well, thanks to Skip Horween's private stash of the biggest and nicest shells on earth, we managed to get a hold of just the right ones.  There were many other challenges due to the density and firmness of Shell compared with normal leather, but I won't bore you with those details.  Lets just say that thanks to heat, wet forming and a host of almost voodoo-like techniques, we pulled it off. 

As with all things we make out of Shell Cordovan, this one-of-a-kind Classic Briefcase is available first come, first served.  We do intend to try and build more, but given the extremely limited availability of these very large Shells that also happen to be uniform enough to build our briefcase, they will not be common.  It also takes us many times longer to build one of these than a normal leather case.  Pricing is slightly higher than our Limited Edition Alligator cases at $9000 plus shipping.  See the attached photos.  Details of this case below:

Main Exterior Leather: Horween Marbled Shell Cordovan -  Beautiful warm tones ranging from Tan to Burgundy

Key Exterior Details: Horween Burgundy Shell Cordovan - buckle straps, buckle holders, D-ring holders, back strip

Other Key Details: Horween Marbled Shell Cordovan - trim strips, business card holder, pen holders, key holder, handle core

Main Interior Leather: Horween Tan Essex - We hand waxed this for more protection and a richer deeper tone

Binding and Other Details: Horween Italian Brown Dublin - This actually has a more Burgundy tone that matches perfectly

Hardware: Brass


Classic Cognac American Alligator & Brown Dublin
$7995 SOLD

This American Alligator Classic Briefcase in Cognac with Horween Italian Brown Dublin trim and binding.  We found two beautiful matching 9-foot alligator hides which we combined to make this one case.  The interior is a creamy beige leather and the hardware is all brass.  We built this one-of-a-kind briefcase slowly over a 6 month period.

Classic Black American Alligator & Shell Cordovan
$7995 SOLD


Compact Classic Brown American Alligator & Shell Cordovan
$6995 SOLD


Big Grain Bison Leather

Classic Mahogany Bison & Black Shell Cordovan
From $2100

This beautiful big-grain bison leather was tanned in Milwaukee with some input from us and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  We have two colors available in limited quantities: the dark mahogany brown shown above and black.  This example has black Shell Cordovan details and black CXL binding. 


Classic Black Bison & Black Shell Cordovan
From $2100

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